A Lesson in Reclaiming Waste

In the late 1980s, Mike Yurosek was frustrated. He was a carrot farmer who had to discard 400 tons of carrots every day because they were not “just right”. Carrots that were broken, twisted, slightly bruised, or otherwise imperfect simply wouldn’t sell in stores. Buyers were so picky that in many cases, 70% of the […]

Stink of ‘Sparagrass’

Listen to this article: Sparagrass eaten to excess sharpens the humours, and heat a little; and therefore persons of a bilious constitution ought to use them moderately: They cause a filthy and disagreeable smell in the urine, as every body knows. -Louis LĂ©mery, 1704 Although it appears to be a widely known fact that asparagus […]