Escape from Colditz

Built in 1046, Colditz Castle was used as a lookout post, a home for royalty, a zoo, and in World War II… a POW camp. During its use as a prison, the castle (known then as Oflag IV-C) saw thousands of prisoners, but beyond that it saw dozens of escape attempts. Around 30 of these attempts […]

Superconducting Super Loss

In the late ’70s, a supercollider was proposed to be built in Texas. At 54.1 miles around, it would be the largest ever built; beating the LHC by 37.1 miles! Unfortunately, the project failed due to budget concerns (rising from $4.4 billion in 1987 to $12 billion in 1993), so we will never see what could have been… but […]

The Urban eXperiment

Listen to this article: Paris has an estimated 200 miles or more of underground tunnels. This network is not only the catacombs, but limestone mines. Many remain unmapped, so police do regular searches to map as well as look for illegal activity. On one search, they came across something different… a newly-built, secret clubhouse.