A Surprising Slurp

On an early September morning in 1995, an unusual discovery was made at a Hindu temple in south New Delhi. As a worshiper brought a spoonful of milk to the trunk of Ganesha, the milk disappeared! It appeared that the statue of the elephant-headed deity had drank the offering from the spoon. Instantly it was considered a sort of […]

A Monument to Communication

Listen to this article:   One of the beneficial advancements in telephone technology has been a reduction in the number of wires and cables required. In the early days of the telephone, wires were strung all across major cities, cluttering the sky. Perhaps the best example of an attempt to organize these was the Old […]

Hearing by Sight

Daniel Kish teaches those who are blind to see using echo location. By making a clicking sound, Kish can get an approximation of the world around him. But what about the reverse of this? Research has been done using cameras and light sensors to actually interpret sound from visual data.

Central–Mid-levels escalators

The island of Hong Kong is filled with many large and steep hills. This causes a lot of issues with city planning, and the issues with city planning have led to traffic concerns. To alleviate traffic in the Mid-Level (a residential area in Hong Kong) the Central–Mid-levels escalators were built. It has become the longest covered escalator […]