Hearing by Sight

Daniel Kish teaches those who are blind to see using echo location. By making a clicking sound, Kish can get an approximation of the world around him. But what about the reverse of this? Research has been done using cameras and light sensors to actually interpret sound from visual data.

The Prize Soap Racket

This is the story of Jefferson Randolph Smith II, also known as “Soapy Smith”. After building a crew of outlaws and con-men, Randolph set to work conning the people of America. It started with classic swindles, shell games and the like. Though Soapy Smith is mostly known for his con involving soap, nicknamed by the Denver Post: […]

Anton–Babinski Syndrome

Unfortunately, head injuries and strokes can cause blindness. On occasion, however, the individual struck with blindness will deny any implications that this may be true. This condition is called Anton-Babinski Syndrome and there are no widely-accepted theories for why it occurs. Macdonald Critchley wrote of the phenomenon in his article “Modes of Reaction to Central […]