Early Experiments with LSD

In its early days, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) was exclusive to labs. In fact, many of the early experiments were by doctors themselves, not patients. It wasn’t until 1966 that LSD became illegal in California (23 years after its psychedelic properties had been discovered), so there were many years of research before then. Now there […]

Semantic Satiation

You’re trying to spell the word niehbor. Nieghbor. Neigbhor. Neighbor. Or you repeat a word aloud several times, “Gallop… gallop… gallop… gallop…” The word becomes meaningless sounds on your tongue. The subject has been a curiosity for a long time. Elizabeth Severance and Margaret Washburn wrote on the topic in 1907: “If a printed word […]

Prisoner’s Cinema

This unexplained phenomenon gets its name from the prisoners that have reported it in the past. Prisoners who are put in solitary confinement, with zero light, report seeing a “light show” of sorts, appearing out of the darkness. While most find it difficult to describe its form, some have reported the “cinema” lights forming human figures. […]

The Fregoli delusion (or syndrome)

The Fregoli sydrome is a “monothematic delusional” disorder in which a person holds the belief that different individuals are in fact a single individual who morphs their appearance simply to deceive them or those around them. It is often characterized by paranoia, with the affected person believing themselves followed by the deceiver. Causes According to […]