Newton and Alchemy

Listen to this article: Many people know Isaac Newton to be a mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. More still know Isaac Newton to have theorized about gravity, but rarely discussed is his interest in alchemy. The world was still being explored and things like alchemy were a way of discovering more.

Sharing a “Galactic Journey”

Listen to this article:   Unfortunately, life has gotten the better of me and I wan not able to write a new article for today. But this does present an opportunity to finally share something odd I’ve discovered: Galactic Journey. It appears to be transmissions from 55 years ago, only appearing today. It almost seems like […]

Stink of ‘Sparagrass’

Listen to this article: Sparagrass eaten to excess sharpens the humours, and heat a little; and therefore persons of a bilious constitution ought to use them moderately: They cause a filthy and disagreeable smell in the urine, as every body knows. -Louis Lémery, 1704 Although it appears to be a widely known fact that asparagus […]

Fried Rings of Dough

Beginning this week: Professor Elliot’s Bookshelf, the podcast. Each article will be accompanied with an audio version. Enjoy! One of my favorite treats as a kid in Morocco, was sfenj; a fried donut either topped with powdered sugar or soaked in honey. Although it has been a long time since then, going on donut runs always comforts […]