Solar-powered Sea Slugs

Plants are known for using the sun’s energy to produce chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis. This is something we all learned in grade school science, but what often isn’t addressed is the slugs that also use photosynthesis! Yes, a couple species of sea slugs in the genus Elysia have found a way to incorporate chloroplasts […]

World’s Largest Potato

1759, February 17, Thomas Siddal, gardener, at Chester, took up a potatoe, weighing seventeen pounds four ounces, measuring, in circumference, thirty-eight inches, and, in length, forty-seven inches and a half. –Annual Register, 1759, p. 72. Since 1759, a few larger potatoes have been found. The largest being found in December of 2008 by Khalil Semhat […]