A Quiet Ocean

Listen to this article: Leonardo da Vinci once wrote, “If you cause your ship to stop, and place the head of a long tube in the water, and place the other extremity to your ear you will hear ships at a great distance from you.” His description is quite accurate of sea water’s ability to […]

Spurious Pearls

              Listen to this article: Pearls have been coveted,┬árare and beautiful objects for thousands of years. Their difficult-to-harvest nature has always meant a larger price. Generally, that restricted pearls to wealthier owners. Ancient Romans were some of the first to find methods of faking a pearl (by coating glass […]

Beach-combing Heaven

Listen to this article:   In the 1940s, a Japanese fisherman lost a glass float overboard. The glass bobble joined others, making their way through the North Pacific Drift. Soon, a few floats moved into the California Current. Because of the altered course, these floats washed ashore the best beach-combing beach in the world: Malarrimo.