The Great Sahara Sea

Listen to this article: A report was published in 1927 telling how to create a new sea. Dr. John Ball detailed how carving a canal up to 50 miles into the Egyptian desert would flood the Qattara Depression (which lies beneath sea level). By controlling the flow of water, they could harvest hydroelectricity. Although the initial […]

Nuclear Test… Noticed

Listen to this article: While researching the Cold War for the latest episode of Rarities, a question came to mind… With nuclear weapons being so cataclysmic, were early tests noticed by civilians? The answer is not only yes, but also that the radiation was measured and recorded by some. Such was the case with the […]

Earth’s Natural Nuclear Reactions

Humans have dug up radioactive elements from the Earth for over a hundred years. We have created horrible weapons with it to create large destructive force. But long before humans fiddled with Uranium or anything else, nature herself was playing with the effects of radioactivity. And not just among the stars, but here on Earth.

Megatons to Megawatts

In 1991, MIT physicist Thomas L. Neff wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times. At the time, Gorbachev had agreed to dismantle thousands of nuclear warheads, but the Soviet economy couldn’t afford the process. Neff made a suggestion: let the US buy the uranium and use it as fuel. It would be a win for […]