An Unwilling Colonist

  Listen to this article: Before 1807, no human being was a resident on the Galápagos Islands. So who were the ones to colonize first? It was one man named Patrick Watkins, and he didn’t do so willingly. There isn’t much in terms of first-hand accounts about the man, but a Captain David Porter (of […]

Growing Ascension

Listen to this article: 1,000 miles from Africa and 1,500 miles from South America lies Ascension Island. A 34 square mile island populated with plants and animals from across the globe. Most of the life was brought to the island by botanist Joseph Hooker with the encouragement of Charles Darwin.

Catalina Island Bison

Due to technical difficulties, there is no podcast available today! Sorry!   There were scenes cut from the silent film The Vanishing American featuring American Bison. Fourteen bison to be specific. These were the first bison on Catalina, brought for filming and then abandoned. Today, the herd numbers around one hundred and fifty, but at […]