Inspiration for a Call

Humans seem to have always been fascinated with imitations of their own voice. The earliest example was recorded by Ctesias (a 5th century BCE physician) who described a parrot that could speak in Greek. With the advent of machines in the 19th century, attentions turned to the possibility of building our own imitation device. Though it […]

Viola Organista

Leonardo da Vinci was a prolific innovator and renaissance man. So prolific that many of his inventions were not built in his day. One such invention, in the musical field, was the “viola organista”. An instrument that appears similar to a piano, or organ, while sounding much like the strings of a violin or viola.

Fastest Knife in the West End

Before anesthetics and antibiotics, amputation of a limb was a life-threatening procedure. Time was an essential factor for both of these issues, infection and pain being reduced if the amputation was performed faster. One 19th century surgeon by the name of Robert Liston was particularly adept at speedy amputations, earning the name “The Fastest Knife […]