Catalina Island Bison

Due to technical difficulties, there is no podcast available today! Sorry!   There were scenes cut from the silent film The Vanishing American featuring American Bison. Fourteen bison to be specific. These were the first bison on Catalina, brought for filming and then abandoned. Today, the herd numbers around one hundred and fifty, but at […]

By Your Own Bootstraps

Listen to this article: Let’s say you are struggling to get by and you go to a friend for advice. Instead of receiving any tips, you are greeted with, “Well, you need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” This is a non-helpful and fairly nonsensical phrase, like “You can fly if you just […]

Spurious Pearls

              Listen to this article: Pearls have been coveted, rare and beautiful objects for thousands of years. Their difficult-to-harvest nature has always meant a larger price. Generally, that restricted pearls to wealthier owners. Ancient Romans were some of the first to find methods of faking a pearl (by coating glass […]

A Classic Combination

Listen to this article: In the early 19th Century, confectionary chefs from Naples had become known across Europe for their innovative dessert creations. With arrival of the Italian Diaspora, Neapolitan bakers and chefs were moving into US cities. In the 1870s, one of the most well-known ice cream combinations around the world was introduced: Neapolitan ice […]