Regarding Mac and Cheese

Listen to this article: Macaroni and cheese was one of my favorite dishes growing up. Today, it remains one of my favorites. As it turns out, this dish has been a comfort food for hundreds of years. In honor of my favorite dish, the next two posts will be dedicated to its history and chemistry. […]

Bamboo and Revolution

Listen to this article: Every 48 years, the bamboo forests of northeast India (within what is now the state of Mizoram) erupt in flowers. It is both a stunning display and a harrowing sign of impending disaster. Along with the flowers comes a tidal wave of rats. Arrival of the flowers, rats, and ensuing famine […]

A Classic Combination

Listen to this article: In the early 19th Century, confectionary chefs from Naples had become known across Europe for their innovative dessert creations. With arrival of the Italian Diaspora, Neapolitan bakers and chefs were moving into US cities. In the 1870s, one of the most well-known ice cream combinations around the world was introduced: Neapolitan ice […]

Fried Rings of Dough

Beginning this week: Professor Elliot’s Bookshelf, the podcast. Each article will be accompanied with an audio version. Enjoy! One of my favorite treats as a kid in Morocco, was sfenj; a fried donut either topped with powdered sugar or soaked in honey. Although it has been a long time since then, going on donut runs always comforts […]

Starving Souls: How the US studied malnutrition.

There has only been one comprehensive study on the effects of starvation on human beings. An experiment by Dr. Ancel Keys, which remains the sole source of information on the subject to this day. And for good reason: it has become illegal to starve your subjects, even if they volunteer.