Bathtub Cheese

Listen to this article: If you find yourself in a convention hall filled with health inspectors or food safety professionals, bring up the topic of “bathtub cheese” for an entertaining time. It is as bad as it sounds: unpasteurized¬†cheese made in a bathtub (or any other waterproof container at home). Although it is illegal in […]

Regarding Mac and Cheese Part 2

Read/hear part one here. Listen to this article: In the late 1930s, a salesman for the Tenderoni Macaroni company began selling boxes of macaroni with packets of processed, grated¬†cheese from Kraft. Kraft heard about it and began selling boxes of macaroni and cheese in 1937. Using chemistry, Kraft had created shelf-stable cheese that was also […]

Regarding Mac and Cheese

Listen to this article: Macaroni and cheese was one of my favorite dishes growing up. Today, it remains one of my favorites. As it turns out, this dish has been a comfort food for hundreds of years. In honor of my favorite dish, the next two posts will be dedicated to its history and chemistry. […]