A Cursed Tablet

Archaeologists in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia, uncovered a lead scroll in 1986 within an ancient grave. The translation would reveal a curse in Ancient Macedonian from the 4th century BCE. But the curse itself, while interesting, had little impact compared to the impact of the language itself… What was on the tablet?

Ships in the Gladiator Ring

Ancient Rome saw gladiatorial combat on a regular basis. Battle for entertainment was a regular staple of the era. In 46 BCE, Julius Caesar decided to up the ante. 6,000 prisoners of war were placed in ships to fight against one another in a massive staging of naval battle. This was only the beginning of […]

Shakespeare’s Drugs of Choice

Listen to this article: Many creative-minded people are known to use mind-altering substances; sometimes for the process, sometimes not. Shakespeare certainly drank alcohol (in Richard III, the Duke of Clarence is drowned in a butt of wine!), but his other possible vices remain unconfirmed. There is evidence that he at least had access to them at […]

Plastered Skulls

Listen to this article: Archaeologist John Garstang was digging in the West Bank of Jerusalem in the 1930s. What he found was an art form that had disappeared for several thousand years. An art form that remains one of the oldest known in all the Middle East: human skulls covered in plaster.

25 Thousand Year Old Faces

Finding ancient art can be difficult, and depictions of the human face are even more rare, but each discovery leads to a better understanding of our shared history. This drawing, found in Vilhonneur grotto in France, shows that stylization (at 25, 000 years old) was an early development. Unfortunately though, not all of discoveries are treated well…