Art Diving

(Note from the author: microphone is out of commission, but the podcast will be up soon) Henri Cosquer is a dive instructor in Southern France. While teaching SCUBA diving clients one day in 1985, he discovered a small underwater opening in the cliff wall. He returned several times during the month of September, slowly making his […]

An Unwilling Colonist

  Listen to this article: Before 1807, no human being was a resident on the Galápagos Islands. So who were the ones to colonize first? It was one man named Patrick Watkins, and he didn’t do so willingly. There isn’t much in terms of first-hand accounts about the man, but a Captain David Porter (of […]

Catalina Island Bison

Due to technical difficulties, there is no podcast available today! Sorry!   There were scenes cut from the silent film The Vanishing American featuring American Bison. Fourteen bison to be specific. These were the first bison on Catalina, brought for filming and then abandoned. Today, the herd numbers around one hundred and fifty, but at […]

25 Thousand Year Old Faces

Finding ancient art can be difficult, and depictions of the human face are even more rare, but each discovery leads to a better understanding of our shared history. This drawing, found in Vilhonneur grotto in France, shows that stylization (at 25, 000 years old) was an early development. Unfortunately though, not all of discoveries are treated well…

A Strangely Strong Tobacco

Smokers of tobacco enjoy the stimulating and relaxing effects of nicotine from the “common tobacco” plant. However, even the heaviest of smokers will find it difficult to handle the smoke from Nicotiana rustica. Those trying it for the first time, even heavy smokers, find it so intense they often vomit and pass out!