Schedule update!

I’m afraid this week there will be no article due to the hard work I (and everyone on the Professor Elliot team) have been putting in to the new YouTube videos. But this means I get to announce our new schedule and I think you’ll like it!

Rarities with Professor Elliot

Basically the video edition of Professor Elliot’s Bookshelf, this series will have a new episode online every second Wednesday! Newest episode will air in just three days!

Professor Elliot’s Adventure Club

Often one of the fan favorites, this show will have a new episode every fourth Wednesday. Although life has made filming these difficult, we aim to still provide an adventure every month! This month you may be seeing something a bit different, but I know you’ll enjoy it all the same.

Fantastic Feasts & Where to Find Them

This is the newest show and the first episode is already on YouTube! Every first and third Wednesday, join Kristaan Barrick and I as we explore the world of food. Some tasty, some strange, and others downright frightening, but all worth a taste.

Thanks for sticking with us as we move into new realms!

Music: Everybody’s Charleston Crazy by Georgia Melodians

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