Wheeled Luggage

In 1970, a patent was filed by one Bernard D. Sadow. It explained

With the enormous recent growth in travel, a number ofproblems have arisen in the handling of luggage. Whereas formerly, luggage would be handled by porters and be loaded or unloaded at points convenient to the street, the large terminals of today, particularly air terminals, have increased the difficulty of baggage-handling.

…One object of the present invention is to provide an articleof luggage which can be readily handled with a minimum of effort and time by the traveler.

The invention? Wheeled luggage.


In 1970, Sadow and his wife were having trouble carrying their heavy luggage through an airport. After seeing someone pushing heavy machinery on wheels, Sadow remarked that luggage should have wheels too. So after some fiddling with casters from a wardrobe trunk, the first luggage bag with wheels was created.

After receiving the patent for wheeled luggage in 1972, Macy’s was the first company to pick up on the idea. Using the tagline, “the luggage that glides”, the market for wheeled luggage skyrocketed.

March 30th of last year Bernard Sadow passed away from cancer at the age of 86. And while he is gone, his invention has led to easier travel around the world that is often taken for granted today.

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