The Christmas Krampus

Many people know that on the eve of December 25th, a man in a red suit travels down chimneys to leave presents for good boys and girls. But what about the bad children?


According to the original myth, children received a visit from St. Nicolas and the Krampus on the night of December the 5th. St. Nick would test the children on their knowledge of the catechism, with the Krampus punishing them for wrong answers. But this mythos soon changed…

Photo by Horst A. Kandutsch
Photo by Horst A. Kandutsch

The legend changed when it reached France, where the beast became the punisher of badly-behaved children. The punishments included ear/hair pulling, whipping and sometimes even death. While the 5th of December has already passed by, there is still next year for children to worry about.

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