Who is John Quincy St. Clair?

In the year 2002, many mysterious patents began to surface in the US Patent Office from a man named John Quincy St. Clair. Most with strange names such as the Photon spacecraft or the Chi energy amplifier, it’s anyone’s guess who this man is and where his ideas are from.

One of his earliest patents is entitled “Magnetic vortex wormhole generator” which…

…has the ability to generate negative mass and a negativespring constant which, according to Einstein’s General Theory ol Relativity, is required in order to create a stable wormhole between our space and hyperspace.

He goes on to explain how one of these generators are built, but it’s mostly nonsense…

Two separate, but electrically connected, toroidal coils of differing radii, carry magnetic flux in opposite directions about their common centerline. According to Maxwell’s equation, this produces bucking electric fields along said centerline. Because the two solenoids have different radii, the parallel spring constant of both coils is negative. The negative mass together with the negative spring constant produce a real resonant frequency which can distort the spacetime curvature due to the creation of powerful spikes of negative mass. This phenomenon, similar to the common electrical thunderstorm, opens up a wormhole into hyperspace through which low-density hyperspace energy can enter into our dimension.

If you were wondering what this looks like, he has included images for that purpose:


As you can see, the first image shows the “negatively charged coil” around one of the solenoids. The second is a full view of the generator itself. He later in 2004 showed that this Magnetic Vortex Wormhole Generator could be used in, of all things, full-body transportation!


What is strange about this application is the way St. Clair segues into bizarre stories such as this:

At the beginning of the 20th century, a man’s parents were dying of tuberculosis. With their permission, he placed them and their beds on weighing scales. When each one passed away, each scale registered a drop in mass equal to 0.071 kilograms. This is the mass of the hyperspace energy being which resides in the physical body.

And an experience the inventor had with teleportation himself! He claims that while walking to the bus stop (A on road B) he usually has to jump wide iron grating (D). But one day, as he was nearing the grating (at 50 meters) he felt a strange vertical wave (F). Looking around, he found himself down the street (G) and past the bus stop. He also includes the strange detail that he saw an airplane landing (C).


While strange indeed, we need to ask ourselves? Is this man being merely creative or crazy? And if either, is the regulation of the Patent Office falling into disrepair?

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  1. Wow Article , I thought it was marvelous

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  2. Dear Professor Elliot,
    I have also been contemplating a letter to Mr. St Clair. Have you written him at his PR address? Have you received a reply? I am also wondering if this inventor is John St. Clair Akwei. You can google that name with NSA and find out some very interesting info. And if St. Clair is the same guy it would follow that the Secret Govt. would be keeping BIG tabs on him in light of the inventions he has created. There is a John St Clair Akwei in and around the Wash D.C. MD area near the NSA and findable on peoplefinder.com

    St Clair also mentions Aphysics in his Remote viewing amplifier and if you google that you find an aphyics lab at LANL in NM. And we all know where the Manhattan Project was developed – lots of secret stuff there. What I find most fascinating is that the Data that Physicist Nassim Haramien and Richard Hoagland have mentioned are not only mentioned by St. Clair in his patent but expanded upon. It lends credence to his Patent and I think that most of us would agree that mainstream physics has wide gaping holes in it so big you could drive a planet through. Especially the skirting of the singularity. Mainstream physics doesn’t want to deal with it, so they avoid it and make stuff up that doesn’t work. In the end, i believe that this Aphysics IS the stuff we have been looking for.

    Best wishes,


  3. @Stefanie

    The black govt. has all these technologies for decades so they don’t relly need it. It is much more worthy to keep them suppressed. They have several “blackhole generator” systems around the planet in underground facilities, one of them is under the Manastass Ridge between Seattle and Ellensburg. The oldest known device was used turned its centre line to Earth’s centre point for safety reasons. They installed the device sometime in the 40s/50s for experiments and they still use it ocassionally AFAIK. The device created a huge hole by teleporting the minerals to hyperspace and its depth from the surface is >25 miles (!). It is AKA Mel’s Hole.

    BTW if you’d google it, the guy who claims he was the owner of the land where the hole appeared – IMHO he is not really reliable but it could be worthy to listen the interview with him on coast2coast.

    They use the same technology to build the underground tunnel system around Earth which is nearly complete.

    1. @Tony

      I had heard about black hole generators but the underground tunnel system is news to me. Where did you get your information for this, I’d like to find out more.

      1. lol, good one.

        I haven’t heard of either but I have heard of the butter bread slice on a cat’s back space drive generator. It’s especially powerful when used on farmland, dunno why!

  4. @Admin

    You can learn more about the underground tunnels if you search on the names below:

    Phil Schneider, former geologist, engineer, 3rd level security clearance.
    Short info: 131 cities built until 1989, he was the designer of many of them, including 9 bases under Area 51. He was one of the two survivors of an “alien-human war” in Dulce, New Mexico when they accidentally blasted a hole into an alien tunnel. After speaking out, they tried to assasinate him and he continued his lectures. After 4 videod lecture they found him dead in his Portland home.

    Thomas Castello, former security director of Dulce, joint alien-human bio research and reproduction facility.

    More on him: he is the one released the “Dulce Papers” on what’s going on inside. Straight after his family diseppeared and shortly after so him.

    William Cooper, former security director of the Pentagon.

    More on him: Released info on underground activities of the Illuminati, their 13-year preparation for 911 and kept several lectures to the American Public and prepared them for a “posibble” airline attack against the Pentagon and other buildings in the US. He was murdered two months after 911.

    Dr Bill Deagle, former medial officer of US army, friend of Cray and Phil Schneider.

    More on him: He treated several US soldiers with various diseases from aliens in the tunnel systems. He releases information on the swine flu well before it was spread. He tells about the murder of Cray who had “quantum computer” in the 60s on his table. Presently they are using the technology in the Etchelon under the Colorado Springs underground base to monitor and analyse network traffic in and through the US.

    They are just some of the many who’s spoken out.

    BTW I sent an email to you a couple of days ago to the email address you’ve got in the registrar info of the domain as the one in the contact details is disabled. Did you receive that?



    PS: Happy New Year

  5. Hi! I think his inventions are truly amazing. I would love to buy 1 or 2 of his inventions. I would love to contact him if that is possible.

    1. Unfortunately, not only are they not real, but their creator has moved. I have attempted to contact him but to no avail.

  6. so you all were wondering where mels hole is, check these cordinates out on google maps and let me know what you think. i took a old pic of the mapped area that was edited and compared it to the new google maps, found that are to the ecaxt changes, and ge this….it is shaped like the pentagon where the edited google maps to where no one can access it visually. here are the coordinates 46.979872, -120.690265 let me know what you guys think. please take the time to look at it all. you tube mels hole pt 1. look at the image and now look at the google maps image of the place. if you look carefully it will have alot of resembelnce

    1. Mel’s hole has been thoroughly debunked. I did check out the coordinates and it is interesting that someone cleared an area of land in the shape of a pentagon though that could have been done by accident.

  7. I was so fascinated with him at the first time, but knowing how totally and brutally idiot was the patent department to register his “illusions” invention to file, knowing that he has spiritual eyes and mental contact to “Intelligent Insect Beings.” that the end of “battle of revelation” (end of time) was in 2008, (…is about to take place 2 years from now, 2006) but nothing happen….

    //….purpose of evacuating human beings back to the Pleiades for relocation on a planet called Earth II. The reason for this evacuation was that it was not known if it would be possible to win the battle of Revelations, which would take place about two years later here on earth.,,,,

    more funny thing, since now is 2012, the us patent did not literally show patent date of file
    wasting time to read us patent….

  8. You can find John any day of the week leaving comments through Disqus about hyperspace, wormhole generators and his general disgust of the government and liberal policies in general. His profile is here: https://www.disqus.com/home/user/johnstclair . He will respond to you if you reply to a comment of his, but will not reveal an email address or any other direct form of communications. Pretty sure he is a few bricks shy of a load, but his patents are interesting none-the-less and he is great to bounce ideas off of.

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